Making Your Home Rent Ready

Rent Ready Standards

Congratulations on successfully taking the first step of renting your property out!

The goal is to rent your property out with minimal vacancy periods, while maximizing your potential income. In order to do that, we need to ensure that your property looks its best and is in it’s best condition.

The following information are what we consider to be the minimum standards to ensuring your property is “rent ready”.

Clean & Freshly Painted



This list may not cover each and every make-ready required item, but should serve as a starting point. No property will be marketed for rent until the unit is made rent-ready with any necessary repairs completed.

Remember – if an appliance is in the property when in a tenant moves in, YOU, as the landlord, are financially responsible for its maintenance and upkeep throughout the tenancy! If the appliance break or needs repairs, that means it must be repaired or replaced.